Team Tips: Jake’s Advice For Your Fundraiser



Jake Pogreba ‘AKA One Take Jake’


Role at Sherwood:

Currently, I’m the Nation Accounts Manager with SFF, although, like many of us at SFF, I wear many hats throughout the season. One day I can be talking to you over the phone and the next loading your order on a refrigerated semi-truck.


How many years have you been working at Sherwood?

This will be my 7th year with Sherwood. 


Why do you think holiday evergreens make for such a great fundraising product?

What makes our products unique is that greenery is a seasonal product that everyone purchases. Community members love to support their local non-profits. Our unique product, combined with community support, creates an amazing opportunity for groups to maximize their fundraising goals. 


What’s your favorite product that Sherwood offers? Why do you love it?

The votive set…no explanation needed. My favorite product is the 28” Mixed Evergreen Wreath. It’s our largest and most fragrant wreath.


What’s one piece of advice that you would give to new groups who are setting up their first-ever wreath fundraiser this year?

Keep it simple. We’ve been in this business for nearly 70 years and have developed tools that allow our groups to succeed. We also have great customer support. We're happy to discuss and develop a personalized campaign to assist you in reaching and surpassing your fundraising goals.


What’s one piece of advice that you would give returning groups who want to earn more money than they did last year?

Definity utilize the mini-site! We developed a wonderful tool that allows groups to take orders online. In the past, the fundraising was done solely by canvassing a neighborhood or local area, using our sales materials to take orders in person. When groups combine the mini-site with these traditional sales methods, they are maximizing their outreach and reaching their goals faster.


When it comes to setting profit margins, do you think more groups set their prices too high (and prevent people from buying) or too low (and not earning as much as they could have)?

I believe groups set their prices too low. This happens in two ways: 1) some groups forget to increase their prices due to the turnover in membership each year, and 2) group leads are concerned about “overpricing” their products. I believe our groups should consider increasing their profit margins to at least $10 per item. A simple $10 profit margin will generate at least $100 of profit per case (excluding W3).


What’s the most common question you get from groups about the fundraising program (and what’s the answer)?

“Do I need to sell all of your products?” Simple answer is, NO! Most of our groups limit the selection of the case items. This ensures you are filling the case quantities faster. Although, when it comes to the Direct Delivery items, it’s important to offer the entire selection of the direct delivery gift items. These are individually sent to the recipient. They make wonderful clients and corporate gifts too!


What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is the relationships with my customers. For more than seven years, I’ve had the opportunity to partner with so many wonderful groups and fundraising coordinators. Hearing about the stories and experiences gained through our program is incredibly rewarding.  


Is there anything else you think the world should know about Sherwood Forest Farms?

What separates Sherwood Forest Farms from other greenery companies is not only our superior product but our award-winning customer service. Meeting customer needs and surpassing their expectations has separated us from our competition. New and returning customers continue to call and praise our superior customer service team. If groups ever need any help or advice on their fundraisers, we're here to help.



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