Five Reasons To Sell Wreaths For Your Fall Fundraiser


Ah, the joys of autumn. Crisp orange leaves, football games, pumpkin spice lattes and the all-important fall fundraiser. Whether you’re raising money for a sports team, church, charity, scout group or any other nonprofit, the first step is to come up with a fundraising idea.

If you’re searching for a fundraiser that’s fun, easy, and most importantly, effective, then look no further. Here’s why selling wreaths is the answer to your fall fundraising needs.

1. Wreaths are a high-quality alternative

Finally, no more junk food! That’s what your customers will say when you present them with an alternative to cookies, candy bars, popcorn and other typical fundraiser fare. Those delicious treats have their place, but aren’t people’s pantries full by now? Isn’t it time for a fresh perspective on fall fundraising?

Our evergreen wreaths aren’t just easy on the eyes. They’re also long-lasting, so you can enjoy them throughout the holiday season (or even well past it). They offer your customers far more bang for their buck than empty calories.

2. It spreads holiday cheer

It’s a well-known fact in sales that happy people spend money. And when people think about the holidays, they get happy!

Telling your customers about our wreaths, with their fresh evergreen trimmings and natural woodsy scent, will instantly evoke the joys of the holiday season. You aren’t just selling a festive decoration, but the idea behind it. This is what makes wreaths such an effective fall fundraising product.

3. You get to pick your profit margins

The retail price of the wreaths you sell is completely up to you. Although we’re happy to make suggestions, you can tailor your prices to suit your target market. This flexibility allows you to make the best decisions for your fundraising group, and ultimately, maximize your profits.

Depending on what retail prices you choose, most of our evergreens end up offering a minimum profit of $5 - $8 each. This attractive profit margin is yet another reason why wreath fundraising beats out alternatives like candy bars and gourmet popcorn. Sell less, earn more—it’s simple!

4. There are no out-of-pocket costs

It’s disheartening to start a fundraiser in the hole. That’s why, instead of making you cough up the cash upfront, we ask you to pay for the wreaths once you’ve sold them, more than a month after your fundraiser kicks off.

If you choose our Direct Delivery program, or order at least six cases through our Full-Line program, you won’t need to pay anything in advance. With no initial costs (and free shipping), there’s nothing stopping you from getting started with your wreath fundraiser.

5. It’s eco-friendly

Picture your living room on December 25th—cardboard boxes, plastic packaging and enough scrunched up wrapping paper to reach the moon. There’s a reason Christmas gets a bad wrap with environmentalists. That’s what makes our eco-friendly wreaths even better. They’re an opportunity to feel festive, without all the unnecessary waste.

We never chop down trees or even use old growth to make our wreaths. Instead, we harvest them by trimming the boughs of trees in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State. It’s a 100% sustainable way to celebrate the holiday season.

Ready to get started? Find out more about this unique fall fundraiser idea or call 1-800-767-7778 to speak with a member of our team.

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